For over two decades we have provided bespoke, transformational, behavioural change solutions. Using tried and tested techniques as well as the latest research.

 The  Performance Equation, is used to identify the most valuable variable for that specific unique situation and help achieve transformational change. This equation has made profound difference for people in of itself just by knowing it and is the foundation of being able to guarantee behavioural change.

Having an overarching process is equally important for ensuring consistent and sustained results. The High Performance Coaching Process is used for those going through one-to-one work and this for Behavioural Change for Teams and Organisations.

Generally working with senior business leaders or high potentials, and their teams.

Usually getting work through referrals. 


Key Benefits

Additional to the behavioural change (which is the key reason clients work with us), clients also value:

  • Honest and safe environment where they feel they have a trusted confidential sounding board.
  • Gaining valuable insights about themselves that they can utilise in the future.
  • Gaining valuable insights about others that they can utilse to help maximise their impact in future interactions.


The author of this site is Seven Suphi, a High Performance Coach, Consultant, Presenter, Speaker and twice published Author.Generally working through referrals with Partners, CEO’s, MD’s, Directors and Senior Executives.

To understand and elevate our understanding of the human potential.
 To create solutions that help people achieve transformational change. Helping them to be the best that they can be, to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Exceptional Results;  Integrity;  Empowerment;  Growth;  Fun.
Our work is evaluated on these values. Clients and colleagues are selected on these values. We believe they are the foundation for a transformational future for all.

In demand as an expert. Seven has frequently appeared in the national media including: Virgin1 (now Sky) The Naked Office, BBC Maestro (coached Sue Perkins – who went on to win), GMTV, This Morning, CNN, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, Psychologies…


“I never thought a question could be so powerful.”

Partner at a Magic Circle firm


“You have help me get promoted.”

Operations Director, Times top 100 company


“you add most value:

  • With senior people who have a known development need/opportunity but who have struggled to make a meaningful change in their behaviour to address it

  • In providing feedback on difficult people issues (both individuals and teams) where there is a disconnect either in the team or between a leader and their team

  • In energizing teams that are working on a difficult assignment (eg the innovation group) and helping coach them through.”

Managing Director, Times top 100 company


“Our work together has been really valuable.”

CEO, National Charity


“I am more me than I thought possible.”

Sales Director, Times top 100 company


“You have changed my life. I wish I had met you before.”

Head of L&D, Times top 100 company


“Seven’s work focuses on behavioural change and seeks to get to the root cause of certain behaviours through various methods depending on the depth of the root cause – these methods could work on the conscious and/or subconscious mind…

Key benefits for me personally and the business are:

    • Taking time to reflect on the situation from 4 perspectives: my own, others (customers and colleagues), the business and future needs – this has enabled me to build sustainable cross-functional relationships to optimise productivity

    • To develop my EQ, particularly in behavioural insights with colleagues and customers, which has enabled me to advance my intuitive skills in areas such as team building through change, coaching and mentoring, and interview technique

    • Strategic thinking – tactics to taking a more holistic approach and recognise contribution to wider business challenges/opportunities

    • Recognise key strengths and optimise these and not get bogged down with negativity …(which was beginning to consume my effectiveness)

    • Delegation – to do this effectively through my managers which has enabled them to grow and develop and frees up time for me to think about the wider business.”

Director, Times top 100 company


“I believe the work we did together was instrumental in getting my promotion.”

Head of Section, Times top 100 company


“Benefits to me:

  • Greater confidence
  • Greater range of styles, more flexible
    New methods of thinking things through, leading to better decisions
  • Better presenting
  • Better at preparing, setting the scene, and negotiating
    Improved focus, faster working, better prioritisation
  • Reduced time on inessential activities that dilute focus and in particular projects that do not need my input

Benefits to company:
More effective leadership
More focused working
Happier teams (from adapting style)
More successful outcomes (because of better decision making)
Get results more quickly (with better thinking, and greater confidence)
People who are good ambassadors for the company (present well)
More productive meetings that take less time and involve only the right people
Clear ownership/responsibility
Better delegation, better team work

Senior Manager, Times top 100 company


“Benefits to me – Working with Seven has:
Increased my confidence and understanding of the worth of my abilities
Increased my ability to look at situations from other people’s perspectives and “make sense” of behaviours around me – and harness these to get better results
Allowed me to access feedback from others that may not have been forthcoming otherwise and understand it in a way that I can make actionable improvements/adjustments to my style

This has benefited the business by:
Increasing my productivity and my ability to intervene and steer decisions to get results where I can see we are off-course, particularly with colleagues senior to me
Increasing my ability to handle difficult situations and keep my head
Improving my judgement when it comes to hiring and motivating others – which means we have a stronger team in place in [] than we did when I joined the business.”

Manager, Times top 100 company


“…most useful aspects for me were:

  • Facilitating discussion with peer group around experiences and best practices on leadership
  • Facilitating and helping interpret 360 degree feedback
  • One to one sessions, particularly around career planning and link to my purpose. The more time we spent on this and started to dig deeper into motivations and drivers, the more beneficial it was.

As a team I think this helped us take time out from operational detail and focus on some of the bigger picture questions, and also helped us come together as a group. The 1-1 sessions were very helpful in helping me think about a career path in LN and also improving self-awareness and personal effectiveness.”

Director, Times top 100 company



“Where it has been useful to me:-

It has been useful to me in the context of reviewing my performance, ie 360 appraisal coordinated, feedback synthesized and given to me in a positive and constructive way and in the context of a longer coaching relationship.   I’ve always disliked the idea of ‘self-service’ or computer generated 360s-reviews so I found it very valuable to work through the feedback I got with someone I knew /knew me pretty well and could add even more perspective to it.

On individual issues/problems discussing and trying to change, I think the work we did  together … around considering different ‘lenses’ / views of one’s actions was a powerful technique and something I keep in mind when I am coaching my team.

Anecdotally people who report to me or are my peers have said they  have benefited from sessions with you where they tackle a particular issue/behavior that has been bothering them. “

Senior Manager, Times top 100 company


All work is usually through referrals. The most effective way of getting in touch is via LinkedIn Seven Suphi