The author of this site is Seven Suphi, a High Performance Coach, Consultant, Presenter, Speaker and twice published Author.Generally working through referrals with Partners, CEO’s, MD’s, Directors and Senior Executives.

To understand and elevate our understanding of the human potential.
 To create solutions that help people achieve transformational change. Helping them to be the best that they can be, to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Exceptional Results;  Integrity;  Empowerment;  Growth;  Fun.
Our work is evaluated on these values. Clients and colleagues are selected on these values. We believe they are the foundation for a transformational future for all.

In demand as an expert. Seven has frequently appeared in the national media including: Virgin1 (now Sky) The Naked Office, BBC Maestro (coached Sue Perkins – who went on to win), GMTV, This Morning, CNN, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, Psychologies…