The main reason clients achieve the desired results (and work can be guaranteed) is because of the Performance Equation:

Potential = what we’re born with, including our character profile
Strategies = the recipes we learn, knowledge and know how
Blocks = negative emotions and limiting beliefs
Context = a specific situation

The results you get in any situation, Context, is determined by what you are born with, Potential, plus the things you learn, Strategies, plus or minus Blocks (negative emotions and limiting beliefs).

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs are those internal things that can hold one back or catapult us to great results. For example: fear of failure may hold one back because it can be inhibiting; and conversely for someone else fear of failure may be the reason for great success because it gets that person to work so hard (because of the fear of failure).

Just knowledge of this equation has helped clients improve their performance because it has:

  • reduced the stress caused by a lack of understanding of Blocks
  • increased curiosity and aided in discovering new Strategies
  • built confidence through greater clarity/understanding.

It’s by utilising techniques and research information from a variety of different sources that help to identify, transform and/or fine tune those variables. Thereby transforming performance quickly and sustainably.