The high level scope of the most frequent three key areas that have been previously commissioned include:



This is helping people achieve a specific behavioural change. The key change, the objective, and the success criteria is identified at the beginning when the work is commissioned. It includes:

  • One to one deep change coaching
  • One-to-one clinic day coaching
  • One-to-many workshop

For those interested in the difference between coaching, mentoring and training click here.



Periodically work is commissioned on specific subjects and may be held through a variety of channels:

  • Breakfast, lunch and evening sessions
  • At company or team events
  • National media

Previous subjects of interest have included:

  • Exceptional Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leadership and Organisational Risk
  • Influencing Skills (inc. influencing without authority)
  • Unconscious Bias’
  • Resilience
  • Your Secret Mind
  • Coaching Skills for Business Leaders
  • Coaching Skills for Professional Coaches
  • Advanced Behavioural Change (three separate contents, for: individuals; teams; and organisations)



Sometimes, because of the work that is undertaken and the knowledge gained about the organisation, consulting work is commissioned to provide recommendations, advice and guidance (vs. intervention). They have been either specific to the organisation or related to the subjects of interest above.